Valencia’s best residential districts and neighborhoods for buying a home

Valencia’s best residential districts and neighborhoods for buying a home

Valencia has a variety of museums, recreational centers, and unique buildings from leading architects such as Norman Foster, Santiago Calatrava, and Felix Candela. And which parts of Valencia are the best places to live?

The quietest areas of the city

If you have a family and children, you need to look for a residential area of Valencia where there are good educational and entertainment centers. It should also be a safe area with the necessary infrastructure for family life.

  • Patraix. It is considered one of the best areas of Valencia. Firstly, it is only 3 km from the city center and is a very quiet district. There are also various shops, schools, libraries, and many playgrounds for recreation and relaxation.
  • Monteolivete. One of the biggest advantages of buying a property in this area is that it is very close to the city center, but the cost of housing is lower than in other districts. It has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere, which makes it ideal for family life.
  • Benimaclet. This is the perfect area for families with student children looking for peace and quiet. This is one of the best areas to buy real estate in Valencia, as it is close to the main universities of the city.

Living near the sea

Valencia is a city known for its long Mediterranean coastline and good weather almost all year round. Therefore, it is no surprise that people tend to move to this city to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

The best areas to stay near the beach:

  • La Petcsina is small, you can get anywhere from it, as it is connected to the rest of Valencia by public transport.
  • La Vega Baixa and La Llum are located near the beach and are very good for buying real estate.

Central and busy parts of the city

Living in the center is an advantage, because it is a dynamic and rapidly developing part of the city, where there is always something to do.

So, the best areas to buy real estate in the center of Valencia:

  • El Barrio del Carmen. An important detail is that the size of apartments here is smaller than in nearby areas. This place is suitable for buying the first property or for those who want to live in the center of events but do not need a large living space.
  • El Pla del Real. There are plenty of bus stops, metro stations, and other types of public transport. In addition, almost all the properties for sale have been recently built or renovated.

City of Arts and Sciences

The modern City of Arts and Sciences is located in the Quatre Carreres district. This is one of the most outstanding areas of Valencia. It is a magnificent cultural complex designed by architects Felix Candela and Santiago Calatrava.

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