Developer Cordia Homes chooses a location for its first project in Spain

Developer Cordia Homes chooses a location for its first project in Spain

Cordia Homes, one of the leading developers in Central and Eastern Europe, has chosen the Costa del Sol as a strategic location for its first project. The Jade Tower Fuengirola building will be located in the sunny region. It was not chosen by chance.

As Oscar Vera, the head of the Cordia Homes project in Spain, explains, "the economic situation and the high demand for real estate in this area have become decisive factors. Market analysis allowed us to identify the need for sustainable and high-quality housing both on the national and international market. The reason for this trend is the return on investment in primary real estate and high profitability from long- and short-term rentals. Residential real estate on the Costa del Sol are also in demand due to the developing infrastructure and air, sea and land communication with the region."

Cordia Homes is a member of Futureal Holding, which is responsible for the development of the residential sector. It is one of the main players in the real estate market of Central Europe, with an investment volume exceeding 5 million euros. According to representatives of Cordia Homes, their goal is to "become the leading developer of residential real estate in Central and Eastern Europe." To date, the company's projects have been presented in England, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Romania. "We entered Spain with two projects, one of which is under construction in Fuengirola."

The Jade Tower Fuengirola building offers 116 luxury apartments. It is located in the central part of Fuengirola and just a few meters from the beach. Thanks to a promising project, the horizon of the coastal city will be changed forever.

The Jade Tower is located in an exclusive area where there is almost no construction. "Residents and visitors of the city will always see this building," explains Oscar Vera. "The creation of a sustainable project of the highest quality was Cordia Homes' response to the high demand in the Spanish real estate market. Every single detail of the building demonstrates the responsibility and cohesion that the company has shown in its design and construction. We have shown perfect teamwork to achieve short–term goals and have built stable relationships with suppliers, strategic partners, and customers," adds the project manager.

Cordia Homes' values in Spain coincide with those of Cordia International and Futureal Group. "Above all, honesty is important to us," explains Mauricio Mesa, director of Cordia Homes in Spain and Romania. "We follow the highest ethical standards in our activities and expect the same from our partners. We do not believe that the end justifies the means. Secondly, this is creativity. The creative team finds innovative solutions for our partners in all areas of the real estate market."

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