Affordable apartments, duplexes, and chalets for sale from banks: priced at 60,000 euros, with an area of over 100 sq. m.

Affordable apartments, duplexes, and chalets for sale from banks: priced at 60,000 euros, with an area of over 100 sq. m.

Typically, this is about real estate that was acquired from the original owners as a result of eviction, general insolvency, or late payments on the mortgage loan used to purchase the property.

The bank can and will likely offer the house to new clients once it is available since it has to sell the asset as quickly as possible in order to return the funds that the borrower has failed to repay.

The key advantage of such housing is that banks are more willing to offer lower prices and various guarantees in order to sell it quickly, such as the ability to obtain a loan that will cover 100% of the unit's value (note: mortgage loans are usually issued to cover 80% of the total price).

Duplex in Guadalajara: 60,000 euros for an area of 128 sq. m.

This two-storey house is situated in the city of Brihuega, Guadalajara, about one hour and 15 minutes’ drive from the metropolitan area of Madrid. There is a 10% discount, which leads to a savings of around 6,500 euros. Additionally, this facility has an area of nearly 128 sq. m. Potential buyers will have at their disposal two bedrooms, a bathroom , a toilet, a living-dining space, and a kitchen.

Apartment in Valencia: 130 sq. m. for a price of 76,400 euros

The price of this flat has been reduced by 28%, from 106,000 euros to 76,400 euros. It is located in the city of Canals, an hour’s drive from Valencia, the capital of the province and autonomous community of the same name. The unit is situated on the first floor of an apartment building with shared outdoor space.

An entrance hall, a kitchen-office, a laundry room, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a living-dining room, and a balcony take up the entire 130 sq. m. of the residence. However, it’s crucial to be aware that there are a few more requirements for purchasing this property, so it will be necessary to evaluate the overall conditions beforehand.

House with a terrace in Jaen: an area of 161 sq. m. on sale for 77,700 euros

Only 30 minutes from the city, in the Mengibar region in the province of Jaén, is this building that is for sale at a 13% discount. The house has three floors and a total space of 161 sq. m.

The living room and garage are located on the ground floor, which also includes a kitchen, four bedrooms, a bathroom, a closet, and a patio. A big terrace is on the top floor. The property is catalogued as an “officially secured property”, which means that the area where it is located (note: Andalusia) is subject to legal regulations and limits that must be followed.

Apartment in Zaragoza: 120 sq. m. for 90,000 euros

The apartment, which is on the first floor of a three-storey residential building with an elevator, is in good condition. It is located in the city of Tauste, which is only 30 minutes from Zaragoza, and is offered at a discount of 13%. Four bedrooms, a living room with access to the terrace, a bathroom next to the master bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower are all included in the apartment’s layout.

This apartment has a lot of natural light because of its height and orientation. The building has double-glazed windows, hardwood floors, heating, a gas boiler that provides hot water continuously, and air conditioning.

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