More than 5,500 new homes will be built in ARPO, a new neighborhood in Pozuelo (Madrid)

More than 5,500 new homes will be built in ARPO, a new neighborhood in Pozuelo (Madrid)

After the Pozuelo City Council approved the name change of ARPO (Area de Reparto Pozero Oeste) to the west of Pozuelo de Alarcón, construction of more than 5,500 new homes began. According to the consulting company Activum, Culmia, Pryconsa, Metrovacesa and Vía Célere own a significant part of the ARPO land. 

ARPO, the district of Pozuelo de Alarcón, borders on the north, east and south with the Madrid neighborhoods of El Plantio and Aravaca, Casa de Campo and Aluche. And in the west – Majadahonda and Boadilla del Monte. This new privileged environment is surrounded by residential complexes and other low-density residential areas and is considered the largest urban development project in the municipality and one of the most important in Madrid.

More than 5,500 residential units are planned to be built on an area of more than 6 million square feet for multiple use, including free, subsidized low-density homes, single-family homes and various public facilities. 

ARPO represents an important investment step in the real estate sector in the city. For this reason, Activum has developed a market analysis for the current proposals for new construction in Pozuelo, comparable to this new project. 

There are more than 30 construction proposals for new houses in the city of Pozuelo

The city of Pozuelo has more than 30 proposals for the construction of new houses, including 26 new projects. Of the total number of houses to be built, 22.07% (96) are single-family houses, and 339 collective houses have 77.93% of the total number of houses.

The main developers with the largest market share in the municipality, offering more than 62% of housing, are:

  • Pryconsa with a total of 186 houses,
  • Aelca with 47 houses,
  • iKasa with 37 houses.

The offer profile of new housing in this city will change in the coming months with the recent start of new urban development, with the country's leading developers taking the first place. Such companies as Kalmia, Pryconsa, Metrovacesa, Vía Célere, Tabie Investment (a Chilean investment group), Acciona and iKasa are in the first place.

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