Luxury real estate in Benidorm: 7 reasons to invest

Luxury real estate in Benidorm: 7 reasons to invest

Benidorm is the tourist destination of Costa Blanca in Spain. The unique appearance of the city, multiple entertainment establishments, luxurious real estate, exclusive restaurants, and pristine beaches, all invite wealthy tourists to enjoy their holidays here. Foreign investors are more likely to purchase a property in Spain at this resort. In our article, we will discuss the pros of buying elite real estate in Benidorm.


Reason №1. Entertainment or flamboyant lifestyle

Life in Benidorm is in full swing. Here, every holidaymaker can have his very own adventure. Couples with children can visit theme parks, like Terra Mitica or the large zoo, Terra Natura (housing approximately one and a half thousand animals), located near the park. Wildlife lovers will love Safari Aitana. The resort also has the largest water park in Europe, which is suitable for families with children, and young people. Here you can do extreme rides and experience a shot of adrenaline.

Relaxed-lifestyle lovers come here for the casino Mediterraneo Benidorm. In the casino, you can play poker, try your luck at the slot machines, and admire the ex-hibition of paintings by Spanish artists.

Another exciting place to have fun and see a remarkably elaborate performance is the Benidorm Palace Cabaret.

The city is especially beautiful in the evening. Skyscrapers light up the night with a brilliant show of lights, illuminating the promenade. There are many nightclubs and bars for party people. Enthusiastic party animals can dance the night away in a nightclub marathon. Lively dance events often take place in Benidorm, attracting young people from all over Europe, and creating a high demand for property rental here.

Luxury real estate in Benidorm: 7 reasons to invest

Reason №2. Climate

Benidorm has a comfortable climate. The average daytime air temperature is 27°C, and the nighttime temperature is 23°C in the summer. The swimming season opens in May and ends in September. From the end of May to early June, the average sea temperature is 24°C. August is considered the hottest month. At this time during the day, the air heats to 32‒35°C, while the water temperature reaches 28°C. From mid-September, there are more rainy days. It remains warm in October, and although the sea cools down, you can still swim in it. In winter, the average daytime air temperature is 14‒15°C, dropping to 12°C at night. This mild climate provides an influx of tourists throughout the year.

Reason №3. Beaches

Benidorm is famous for its beaches. There are three main beaches, all of which have Blue Flags. This award sets apart the safest, cleanest, and best-maintained beaches. The main beaches of Benidorm are Playa de Poniente and Playa de Le-vante. They are separated by a cliff where one of Benidorm’s attractions, the Old Town, is located. Another beach, Playa de Mal Pas, is located between Playa de Poniente and Playa de Levante (the two beaches mentioned above). Let’s delve further into these idyllic locations…

Poniente is the largest beach in Benidorm. It is 3 km long, with white sand and a level entrance to a transparent sea. The beach has a developed infrastructure and is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, including sunbeds, beach umbrellas, and showers. There are first-aid posts and rescue watchtowers for the safety of visitors. The beach has children’s playgrounds and several sports fields. A beautiful promenade and the Park of Elche run parallel to the beach.

Levante is another 2 km long beach in Benidorm. In terms of comfort, it is on the same level as Playa de Poniente. Here, the sand is white and clean, and the en-trance to the sea is gentle. This beach has everything for a comfortable visit. Sunbeds and beach umbrellas are available to rent. The key differences between Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente are the various bars, cafes, and restaurants. Here, the sounds of stirring music are everywhere. This beach is always crowded and full of fun. Levante provides visitors with different water activities such as diving, water skiing, jet ski rental, and many more.

Playa de Mal Pas beach is the most picturesque in Benidorm. The 120 m coastal zone has a well-developed infrastructure. There are restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops on the promenade.

A broad range of beaches makes Benidorm a sought-after destination for tourists who search for typical resort life.

Reason №4. Real estate in Benidorm

The state of the local real estate sector is one of the main reasons for the great ben-efits of Benidorm's housing investments. This city differs significantly from other Spanish cities in terms of architecture. Many high-rise buildings, tall towers, and new skyscrapers are concentrated here, with developers preferring multi-apartment high-rise buildings. World-class functional residential complexes are being constructed in the city. In Benidorm, old private houses and villas in Spain are a rare sight, but you can find new original villas, townhouses, and duplexes along the promenade.

Here, the residential sector consists of exclusive property for wealthy buyers. An example of this is the premium residential complex, Sakura Tower, which is one of the latest projects by Spanish real estate developers. This 22-story building is designed as a unique and easily recognizable construction with an attractive facade. There are 76 apartments available for sale. Several swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and sports fields are located in the green area of the complex. Residents can benefit from the gym and spa facilities. The complex is equipped with convenient underground parking, and 24-hour video surveillance and security are planned.

Reason №5. Attractiveness for investment

The Benidorm resort town is popular among residents of Europe, Asia, and Russia. Every year, tens of thousands of foreign tourists flock here to spend their holidays. Since all hotels are overcrowded during the summer, during their vacation, foreigners prefer to rent housing in the private sector. This is why it is profitable to purchase apartments in Spain. Tthe homeowner can get a stable income from a rental business. The real estate return on investments in this resort city reaches 6–7% a year.

Reason №6. Attractive prices

There are plenty of interesting offers on the elite real estate market in this famous Spanish resort. These are just a few examples in different categories:

  • A luxury three-bedroom villa of 457 m2. Each bedroom has access to a balcony, 2 bathrooms, a spacious and equipped kitchen/living room, a private garden with a swimming pool, and a garage for 2 cars will cost € 660,794 ($ 697,275, ¥ 4,500,000).
  • A premium-class two-bedroom apartment of about 150 m2 with 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen, a living room, and a spacious terrace in an exclusive off-plan resi-dential complex costs an average of € 897,800 ($ 947,726, ¥ 6,200.000).
  • A cozy three-bedroom apartment in a luxury residential complex in a quiet area of Benidorm with an area of 74 m2, with 2 bathrooms, a large terrace (59 m2), a furnished kitchen, and a living room with a dining area is for sale for just € 281,260 ($ 296,954, ¥ 1,900,000).

Luxury real estate in Benidorm: 7 reasons to invest

Reason №7. Residence permit for acquiring a property in Spain

In order to develop the country's economy, the Spanish authorities have developed a program to obtain a residence permit for foreign investors in Spain. In Spain, a residency permit, also known as a Golden Visa for investors, is issued under the condition that a foreigner purchase a property or several properties worth at least € 500,000 ($ 527,938, ¥ 3,400,000 million). A residence permit is valid for one year with the possibility of further extension. The Golden Visa covers the investor's relatives (a spouse, minor children, parents, and dependent children over 18 years).

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