How Safe is Spain in 2023?

How Safe is Spain in 2023?

Spain is considered one of the safest countries in Europe to both visit and live. In this article, we will talk in detail about crime statistics and safety rules in place in the state. You will also learn what tourists and residents should keep in mind and what recommendations to follow in order to feel as comfortable as possible.


Crime rate in Spain

As of the end of last year, the crime rate in Spain amounted to 48.8 offences per thousand residents. In total, the number of crimes decreased by 1.6% compared to the pre-pandemic 2019. Only the cybercrime rate went up (in relation to 2019). If we compare Spain with other European countries, for example, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, which are also recognized as safe for both tourism and life, the number of criminal offences in it is significantly lower. The report on crime in Spain is published every year by the National Statistics Institute.

Spain has maintained rather low and favourable rates for decades. It is always quite safe on the streets of the country’s cities. Tourists from all over the world love coming to Spain, including companies of young women and even solo female travellers. Life in local cities is in full swing day and night. People walk, ride bicycles, and roller skate in peace. Even in the evening, you can safely walk along the busy streets alone or with your friends. However, it goes without saying that it is worth remaining vigilant. Travellers, as well as residents, are recommended to avoid street gambling games and abstain from walking through deserted, abandoned, and poorly lit locations.

The country has strict laws on carrying weapons, drinking alcohol, and using and possessing drugs. Robbery is very rare, especially in rural areas. If we talk about the most frequent crimes, it is worth highlighting theft. Thieves mainly steal possessions from cars. It is also important not to leave valuable items unattended on the beaches. You risk running into pickpockets only in the major tourist areas of Madrid and Barcelona. Pickpockets always operate in places with a large crowd of people.

How Safe is Spain in 2023?

Who to call in case of unforeseen events?

There is a single emergency number throughout the EU, including Spain: 112. You can call for free from anywhere in the country. 091 is the local police number, which can also be contacted 24/7. Emergency services track the caller’s location. In addition, there is a translation system available in several languages.

Proof of identity

Identity verification at the request of civil guards, and national, regional and local police officers is mandatory. A person is required to show identification with a photo. If you cannot provide your ID, the police have the right to arrest you. It should be borne in mind that failure to comply with direct requirements or refusal to a police officer is considered a criminal offence and is regarded as disobedience to the authorities.

It is also worth noting that under Spanish law, persons under the age of 18 are considered minors. Anyone under this age comes to the attention of the Spanish authorities and is considered vulnerable. A person may be placed in a juvenile detention centre until their parent or guardian is found.

Maintaining order in public places

There are fines for consuming alcohol in certain places on the streets, which are imposed immediately. Some resorts, such as Magaluf and Playa de Palma in Mallorca, as well as San Antonio in Ibiza, have restrictions on the sale and availability of alcohol. There is also a strict ban on the abuse of alcohol and sexual activity in public places, including on beaches. Spain has strict drug laws. Possessing even a small quantity of narcotic drugs is punishable by detention and imprisonment.

How Safe is Spain in 2023?

The safest cities in Spain

There are five safest cities to live in the country. One of them is Seville, the capital of Andalusia, the third most visited city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, and home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fourth place is Mallorca, a beautiful Mediterranean island with a year-round warm climate. The port city of Málaga on the Costa del Sol, the birthplace of the artist Pablo Picasso, is another safe city surrounded by picturesque villages and a great location for a relaxed lifestyle. The second-safest city is Murcia, located on the Mediterranean coast in southeastern Spain, home to excellent gastronomy and a producer of fresh fruits and vegetables. Finally, the safest place to live in Spain is Granada.

How to be a responsible tourist in Spain?

Any traveller should follow the generally accepted rules, including:

  • Do not drink alcohol on the street.
  • Do not smoke in public places. Almost all restaurants have smoking and non-smoking sections; airports also have designated smoking areas.
  • Do not walk the streets of large cities topless and in a bathing suit.
  • Do not swim when red flags are flown.
  • Do not swim in ports and other prohibited areas.
  • Do not sleep in public places.

In Spain, offences such as drug trafficking, grievous bodily harm, theft, document forgery, and driving under the influence are punishable with harsh penalties. As for drink-driving, criminal sanctions are imposed if the concentration of alcohol in the blood is 0.60 ppm.

Customs regulations in Spain

Spain also has strict customs regulations. It is forbidden to bring medications into the country. The exception is medications vital for a person. You also cannot import:

  • objects of cultural interest
  • animals and products of animal origin
  • plants and products of plant origin
  • weapons and ammunition

There are restrictions on the import of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, alcohol with a strength of more than 22%, coffee, tea, and perfumes.

How Safe is Spain in 2023?

Buying property in Spain

Spain has quite strict laws governing public behaviour. Thanks to this, it is secure and safe on the streets and in crowded places. Law enforcement officers strictly guard the peace of residents and tourists, committed to their duty to take care of people and respond immediately to any requests.

Staying in sunny Spain is the utmost positive experience. That is why it attracts travellers and expats from all over the world. If you are thinking about buying property in this country — villas, houses or apartments in Spain — you can ask our experts any questions today. They will tell you in detail how to buy — you can ask our experts any questions today. They will tell you in detail how to buy property in Spain in 2023 with the best terms for you.

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