Family reunifications in Spain

Family reunifications in Spain

If you have a Spanish residence permit or citizenship, you’re can get family reunification. You can bring your relatives to Spain, get a residence permit for them and find them a job. In this article, we’ll look at the basic requirements, documents, and other legal issues when a foreigner applies for family reunification in Spain.


Family reunification in Spain — what is it?

Family reunification is a legal migration procedure where any foreign national legally living in Spain and who meets certain requirements can bring their relatives to the country.

Family members can get a job and a residence permit in the country.

Who can request family reunification in Spain?

The following people can apply for family reunification:

  • Foreign people who have been given an extension to their original residence permit.
  • Foreigners who have a Spanish residence permit and a job.
  • People who have long-term resident status and good credit.
  • People or investors who have a "Golden visa".

Who can move to Spain for family reunification?

These relatives can move to Spain:

  • The applicant’s spouse,
  • Sons and daughters of the applicant or their partner, including adopted children,
  • People whose legal guardian is the applicant under the age of 18 or with disabilities,
  • Parents of the applicant/partner over the age of 65.

Conditions for family reunification in Spain

The main conditions for family reunification in Spain are that:

  • The people who want to join the applicant shouldn’t have a criminal record for the last 5 years in their countries of residence and Spain.
  • They must get a legal permit to stay or reside in Spain from the applicant's country of origin.
  • The reuniting person must not have European citizenship.
  • People applying for family reunification must legally live in Spain for 1 year with the right residence permit.
  • The person carrying out the family reunification procedure must give evidence of financial resources. If it’s a family of 2 (the applicant and a relative), the financial resources must be an income of 150% IPREM (subsistence minimum). For each family member, the applicant needs to add another 50% IPREM.
  • A house in Spain with proper living conditions for the applicant's family members.
  • Confirmation of family relation to the applicant.
  • Medical insurance.

Documents for family reunification in Spain

The applicant and their family members need certain documents for this process.

These documents must be submitted to the Department for Foreigners by the applicant:

  • Form EX02. It must be submitted in 2 copies, filled out, printed, and signed by the interested person.
  • NIE (foreigner identification number).
  • Original passport and a copy.
  • Original documents and copies confirming financial solvency to cover the necessary expenses of the relocated family members (a copy of the latest income or income tax declaration, bank card balance documents).
  • Certificate of renting an apartment in Spain or of ownership of real estate in Spain.
  • Copies of the passports of relatives who want to move to Spain.
  • Documents confirming family relations.
  • Medical insurance for all family members.

These documents must be provided by the  incoming relatives:

  • Passport of each family member, valid for over 4 months at the time of entering the country.
  • Certificate of non-criminal record for each family member.
  • Documents confirming family relations with the person in Spain/applicant.
  • Medical certification that shows no serious health problems.

Family reunification procedure in Spain

The family reunification process in Spain means that the applicant and relatives need to do the following.

The applicant must:

  • Request an appointment through the official web portal of the Government for Foreigners.
  • Contact the Bureau of Foreigners Affairs on the date and time stated in the appointment, with a completed EX02 application and all necessary documents.

The Bureau for Foreigners must:

  • Receive applications and process and verify all the information in the application with the relevant authorities.
  • Decide on approval or rejection after studying all the registered documents.

The applicant's relatives must:

  • Contact the Spanish Consulate in the country of residence to process the application for a visa for family reunification. If it’s agreed to, the consulate must issue a visa within 2 months.
  • Get a visa at the consulate during the next 2 months.
  • Enter Spain within 3 months – this is the validity period of the residence permit (Visado por Reagrupación Familiar) after getting a visa.
  • Obtain a TIE card (foreign identity card) within 1 month upon arrival in the country.
  • Contact the Immigration office within 60 days before the expiration of the previous permit to extend the residence permit.

Family reunification procedure for investors

Investors with a Golden Visa have several advantages to qualify for family reunification in Spain.

Let’s compare some points of the family reunification procedure for investors versus the normal route:

Family reunification procedure for investors
Criteria for family reunification procedureStandard family reunificationFamily reunification on a Golden Visa
The duration of the applicant's stay in Spain for family reunification 1 year (article 56.1 of the Regulations on Foreigners). After obtaining a Golden Visa (Article 62.4 of Law 14/2013).
Reunification with the applicant's adult children Children over the age of 18 don’t have the right to be reunited with the applicant unless they are "disabled and unable to provide for their needs due to their state of health" (article 53 C of the Regulations on Foreigners). A Golden Visa investor can reunite with children over the age of 18 if they are financially dependent on a family member and don’t have their own family (article 62.4 of Law 14/2013).
Reunification with the applicant's parents The applicant's parents can move to Spain if "they are dependent, have reached the age of 65 and have some grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Spain" (article 53 E of the Regulations on Foreigners). The applicant must have lived for at least 5 years in Spain (article 56.1 A of the Regulations on Foreigners). The applicant's parents under the age of 65 can obtain a residence permit in Spain after the applicant has been given a Golden Visa (article 62.4 of Law 14/2013).

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