Founded in 1992
Katalonien, Balearen All regions

At SALAS we are experts in real estate management and we have been dedicated to housing since 1992.

With many years of trade and the experience of more than 3,000 homes delivered, our multidisciplinary team made up of more than 75 professionals takes care, in a comprehensive manner, of all the tasks necessary to carry out a promotion of any kind: from the search of soil until delivery, going through all phases of design, construction or commercialization.

In this way, we personally control all the critical or strategic aspects of this activity that we develop with the care, precision, technique and sensitivity typical of craftsmanship.

We like our work, and we like to do it thinking about the needs and desires of each client. That is why we promote all kinds of models of access to housing: cooperatives, foundations, private promotions… Whether for sale or for rent, with official or free market protection.

We do it to bring to the market what is really demanded at all times: different locations, prices, qualities and services specifically designed for each situation. A methodology deeply rooted in our corporate values ​​that guarantees, at the same time, both customer satisfaction and rationality and responsibility for what we do.

Close, we are direct and unique interlocutors, both for the vocation to help and accompany in the purchase process and for the responsibility of maintaining high standards of quality, transparency, rigor and honesty. Standards that we guarantee through periodic audits and a quality management system with the ISO 9001 seal.

Salas, Rambla, 221, 08202 Sabadell
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