Founded in 2002
Huesca, Pamplona, Tarragona, Zaragoza All regions

Iberentorno is the real estate management company of the Iberebro group. Its activity is focused on the development of projects both for sale and for rent.

We have been operating in the real estate sector since 2002 and we know the residential, industrial and retail markets well. We work for large companies and banks and also for family offices and small estates.

We locate profitable operations, design the right products, and take care of turning them into reality. Other times it is our clients who entrust their assets to us so that we can provide the best solution to their specific needs.

At Iberentorno we take care of absolutely everything. We know the sector well and we know what steps we must take in each case. We have our own structure and we collaborate with the best professional teams.

Nothing escapes us. From the analysis of the viability of soils to the bidding of projects and the control of work execution; from urban planning and management to the commercialization of a housing development or industrial buildings.

c / Coso 55, 3rd floor 50.001 Zaragoza
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